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basje's Journal

An aspiring catlady
29 January

alliteration & other tricks, arthur rackham, being sparkly without glitter, circus freaks, collar bones, collecting stuff until smothered, conspicuous consumption, corsets & ribcage dislocation, crinolines, crows of sorrow, dame darcy, dr. jonathan crane, espresso-drinking poets, happy people with cigarettes, lands of confusion, lomography, man-killing mermaids, mohawks & their owners, mucha, nabokov's writing especially ada, nan goldin, non-coffeeselling book stores, partyhats on beluga whales, people screaming in japanese, percy shelley & byron, pirates & scientists, polaroids, powdered wigs on men, random alien apparitions, seaweed& its various uses, southern gothic literature, splitting infinitives, the lost boys, the smell of despair, things that are broken, velocity & warp speed, watching the stars, weltschmertz & ennui, whales with glasses